Friday, December 21, 2012

Got something to teach? But too shy to tell about it?

The web is a wonderful place to put your ideas to work, to saw the seeds of knowledge into a potential audience that is counted in zillions. There are many wonderful channels to publish your teaching and reach your audience, like YouTube, Kahn Academy and many others.

But what if the idea of a microphone, of recording your voice, is scaring you? What if you want to use english or another language which is not your main language, and you feel unsure or you are afraid that your language would stand in the way of your ideas?

This is where the Slidetalk web service at can help. With SlideTalk you do not need to record a comment to your presentation, you only need to type a comment. A voiceover will be automatically created from your typed comments, and added to the images into a video automatically published on YouTube. Like this one, or this one, or this.

The SlideTalk web service is still in open beta, so you still have the possibility to use it completely free of charge without any limitation..

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