Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

New! Video gallery now on the SlideTalk website

You can now see what Talking Videos are being published by the SlideTalk users, by visiting the brand new Video Gallery page.


Learn something today on SlideTalk!

New Video Viewer page

We have added a new Video Viewer page to SlideTalk, to help you view and share your SlideTalk talking videos as easily as possible.

In the landing page after login, you can see the list of your SlideTalk. For the ones that have been produced and published on YouTube, you have now a "view" link (or click on the image):

This link will bring you to the corresponding public Video Viewer page:

The Video Viewer page is public so you can share it on social media or email.

Monday, August 26, 2013

SlideTalk video: 8 Questions Answered By Popular Social Networks

One way to stay oriented in this seemingly chaotic jungle is to keep in mind what is the underlying communicating need that drives the usage of these media. Remembering what questions each of these media is asking to us as users, and in particular as learners, is a simple trick to stay oriented and capture the essence of these media.

And here is the direct link to the video:

SlideTalk video: Bloom's Taxonomy Applied To Football

In this article and related SlideTalk video you will learn how to apply Bloom's Taxonomy to a topic dear to many students, football.
A direct link to the SlideTalk video:

SlideTalk video: The 10-Minute Guide To Bloom’s Taxonomy

Learn about Bloom's taxonomy in this article:

and in the related talking video:

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Show off your work and reach your audience

Watch this SlideTalk video to learn how you can use the SlideTalk User Channels to collect your work on one page and share it with your audience.

You can see how a SlideTalk channel page look like here:

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New introduction to the "Show, Describe, Share" method of SlideTalk

Learn all about the benefits of and the "show, describe, share" method in this new video.

SlideTalk helps you authoring videos for eLearning, tutorials, marketing and entertainment by converting PowerPoint presentations and collection of slides into talking videos, with an automatic voiceover created by high-quality and multilingual text-to-speech.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SlideTalk introduces Create, Pay and Share: new purchase options

SlideTalk users now have a new option to purchase SlideTalk videos.

While subscription are still the most convenient option for companies and individuals with regular productions, users may now purchse single productions directly on the SlideTalk Edit page.

There are 2 types of purchase available:

Produce and publish: $2.50

This one-time fee will allow you to produce the SlideTalk that you are working on and have it automatically published on the public slidetalknet YouTube channel.

Produce and download: $5.00

This one-time fee will allow you to produce the SlideTalk that you are working on and then download it. After downloading the SlideTalk video you are allowed to publish it as you wish (for instance on a private channel, behind a pay-wall, on an intranet...) or use it for offline presentations.

Complete information on the purchase and subscription options are available on the prices page of the SlideTalk website.

Watch the following tutorial for complete information on the single SlideTalk purchases.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Autism Awareness Month: Talking Social Stories

April is Autism Awereness Month, Watch the SlideTalk contribution in the following post:

The SlideTalk video here below is an example of how a Talking Social Story would look and sound like. This particular Talking Social Story video example explains why and how to use seatbelts, and was originally created with a particular individual in mind. The voice (which is provided by Text-to-Speech) is used at a slightly slower rate than usual, and some extra pauses are added to provide more time to look at the picture before going to the next picture. You can learn how to control the text-to-speech voice of SlideTalk by accessing the FAQ.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to build instructional videos using SlideTalk

Follow the link here below to enjoy our latest contribution to the eLearningIndustry blog, a post on how to build instructional videos using SlideTalk:

You can also watch this SlideTalk video explaining and showing the process of building instructional videos using SlideTalk:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

4 Ways To Bring PowerPoint Presentations Online

Our latest artcle "4 Ways To Bring PowerPoint Presentations Online" was published as a guest post on the edudemic blog:

The article also include a SlideTalk video summarizing its content:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The subscription levels of SlideTalk explained

Watch this SlideTalk video to learn everything about the free and premium subscription levels of SlideTalk, available at

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What do teachers, marketers, and HR managers have in common?

Please enjoy our latest post on the eLearningIndustry blog:

The post shows some creative ways in which these 3 different professional groups can use SlideTalk to reach their goals.

Friday, March 8, 2013

SlideTalk service now open for business

The beta phase of the SlideTalk service is now concluded and the service now offers PLUS and BUSINESS subscriptions, beside the free access.

BUSINESS accounts are for professionals that want to have complete control over the produced videos. SlideTalk videos produced by BUSINESS customers will be available for downlaod and not published on the public slidetalknet channel on YouTube. After downloading their SlideTalk videos, BUSINESS users will be able to publish them on their private YouTube channels, intranetvimeo or any other media of their choice, or use the videos for offline presentations..

PLUS accounts are for individuals and organizations that need to produce SlideTalk videos but they want to keep things simple and are not interested in controlling the video. The SlideTalk videos published by PLUS users are then automatically published on the slidetalknet channel on YouTube.

Users only wanting to create one or few SlideTalks above the ones available in the free subscription level, should consider purchasing a monthly subscription and then cancelling the subscription before the renewal date. In this way they will have 30 days to create their SlideTalk videos at a quite moderate expense.

Please watch the price list on the website to compare the subscription levels.

Here below is a tutorial on how to subscribe to SlideTalk:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The show, describe and share principle revisited

It is difficult to replace you, when it comes to deliver your presentations. However there are times when your presentation must do without your presence, for instance if you want to share your presentation online.

The alternatives are many. There are well known places where you can publish your presentation as a silent collection of pictures without comment. Or you may take up a microphone and tell your story with your own voice while capturing your presentation as a video.

A third alternatives is using text-to-speech to deliver your presentation, and make it into a video. Text-to-speech has made huge progresses in the last years, now offering several high quality voices with different characters. However the obvious disadvantage of using text-to-speech is that it is not you speaking and that text-to-speech might ruin your opening joke. On the other hand typing a description is so much easier and much faster than speaking into a microphone. Not to mention that if few days after publishing your presentation you decide to do a slight change to the wording, all you need to do is to quickly edit a text, as opposed as to redo the whole recording.

The show, describe and share principle mentioned in the title of this article consist then in using your images to show your message, using your descriptions to deliver your narration (via text-to-speech), and using the resulting video to share your presentation with your audience.

Here is a SlideTalk presentation of the show, describe and share principle:

To publish a presentation with text-to-speech by following the show, describe and share principle, you can visit and follow the three steps below:

1) Show: Upload your PowerPoint files or any collection of pictures.

2) Describe: Type a text comment for each slide, to tell your story as you would do when in front of your audience.

3) Share: Texts are converted to audio with help of text-to-speech. The slides and the audio are combined together in a YouTube video, ready to be shared with your audience or embedded on your website.

For more step-by-step information on how to create a video with please watch this tutorial.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

SlideTalk helps making slideshare presentations accessible

Discover how to make slideshare presentations accessible to users with visual impairments, dyslexia and cognitive impairments. And how the same solution helps everybody by creating an immersive and engaging learning context.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Accessible Talking Presentations: Discover OBI by Daisy Consortium

Here is another presentation made by the DAISY Consortium, turned into an accessible and immersing talking presentation via SlideTalk:

Enjoy it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Slidetalk gives voice to the DAISY consortium: discover TOBI

The DAISY Consortium has been in the front line of accessibility and assistive technology for years, pushing the development and implementation of new formats like DAISY and EPUB3 for ebooks, with the goal of publishing ebooks in a way that is convenient to anyone, independently if the user is a seeing person or a visually impaired, or if the user is suffering from a reading impairments as dyslexia. A truly inclusive concept.

SlideTalk is a recent service that makes it easy to add a voiceover to PowerPoint presentations by using text-to-speech, and it can certainly be used to increase accessibility of PowerPoint presentations, very often published without any comment and therefore unaccessible for Visually Impaired and Dyslexic users.

In this first SlideTalk presentation, we introduce TOBI a new authoring tool for DAISY and EPUB3 talking books:

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

SlideTalk website updated: Preview and new Edit page

We have recently published a major upgrade to make Creation to SlideTalk much easier and much more efficient.

Read the news announcement here, or get a quick overview of the new functionalities by watching our new tutorial:

New functions in details


You can now preview the slidetalk video before publishing it on YouTube.

Improved edit page

The edit page has been improved:
  • now you can edit the text for all slides without need to save at each step
  • you can drag and drop slides to move them to a new position

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome our 2 latest voices: Tyler and... Yoda!

We added 2 new voices today on SlideTalk: Tyler, a nice and straight-to-the-point Australian English voice; and Yoda himself (well, almost himself...).
Would you dare letting Yoda taking care of voiceover for your presentation? Try it out at!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Core Energy chooses SlideTalk to present its services

Watch this SlideTalk video to learn how Core Energy helps schools and other customers to reduce their energy costs.