Sunday, January 20, 2013

SlideTalk website updated: Preview and new Edit page

We have recently published a major upgrade to make Creation to SlideTalk much easier and much more efficient.

Read the news announcement here, or get a quick overview of the new functionalities by watching our new tutorial:

New functions in details


You can now preview the slidetalk video before publishing it on YouTube.

Improved edit page

The edit page has been improved:
  • now you can edit the text for all slides without need to save at each step
  • you can drag and drop slides to move them to a new position


  1. Is there a way to edit an already published SlideTalk presentation?

  2. You can use the clone function. Login to slidetalk and open the published slidetalk, then click on "Clone" to create a new editable SlideTalk with the same content as the previous one. To remove a published slidetalk send us an email at I hope this helps.