Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Slidetalk gives voice to the DAISY consortium: discover TOBI

The DAISY Consortium has been in the front line of accessibility and assistive technology for years, pushing the development and implementation of new formats like DAISY and EPUB3 for ebooks, with the goal of publishing ebooks in a way that is convenient to anyone, independently if the user is a seeing person or a visually impaired, or if the user is suffering from a reading impairments as dyslexia. A truly inclusive concept.

SlideTalk is a recent service that makes it easy to add a voiceover to PowerPoint presentations by using text-to-speech, and it can certainly be used to increase accessibility of PowerPoint presentations, very often published without any comment and therefore unaccessible for Visually Impaired and Dyslexic users.

In this first SlideTalk presentation, we introduce TOBI a new authoring tool for DAISY and EPUB3 talking books:

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