Friday, November 21, 2014

Manon, SlideTalk's new French voice, brings narration to a new level

french flag

At SlideTalk we are proud to add the new French voice Manon to our multilingual portfolio, already counting 79 voices in 26 languages.

Manon is a special voice as it has been developed in a different way and with a very clear gol in mind: bring narration with synthetic voices to a whole new level.

Here is as Acapela Group puts it:

It always begins the same way. A speaker records over several days a large corpus of very different texts, under the close scrutiny of our linguists. These recordings become the raw material necessary to create a synthetic voice and must cover all the possible sounds of a  language. The recordings will then be sliced, tagged and organized into a voice database which, once integrated into the text-to-speech engine, will be able to transform text into speech, in real time.
But Manon’s voice is on a grander scale. We have made additional recordings, based on an enriched corpus of text. The voice database is therefore more comprehensive, allowing the text’s sense and meaning to be even better conveyed.
You can try the voice Manon right away on SlideTalk and hear for yourself what difference a voice can make.

Or you can listen to a sample of Manon here: