Sunday, January 11, 2015

How to effectively market your SlideTalk video using the video information

So you have made a great PowerPoint presentation and created a talking video out of it using SlideTalk. Now how to get viewers to find your video?

Title, Description and Keywords

BASIC videos have a viewer page on PRO videos have a viewer page on and are also published on YouTube.
To make these pages easy to find via search engines it is of paramount importance that you use wisely the metadata fields Title, Description and Keywords.
Therefore we made it possible to provide and edit these fields at any time, both BEFORE and AFTER publishing. For PRO videos the changes will also apply to the YouTube page.

Editing Title, Description and Keywords.

To edit the Title, Description and Keywords after publishing a SlideTalk video, find the video in the list on your own homepage and click "manage":
In the page that opens, edit the Title, Description and Keywords fields:
When you are done with your edit, click on "Update Settings". The Title, Description and Keywords will be immediately updated both on the viewer page of and, for PRO videos, on the corresponding video page on YouTube.


After updating the metadata of the video, search engines will be able to find your video by using information in the Title, Description and Keywords fields.

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