Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Republish a SlideTalk video with a different publishing option

SlideTalk offers 3 publishing option: BASIC is free and makes videos available on the SlideTalk website, PRO makes videos publicly available on YouTube (and therefore embeddable), and DOWNLOAD makes videos available only for private use, as the videos are not posted anywhere but made available for download as MP4 videos.
Now suppose you have used the BASIC or PRO option, but now you want to remove the video from public websites and republish it as DOWNLOAD, for your own private use, maybe on your intranet, behind a paywall or on your own YouTube or Vimeo channel. Can you do that? The anser is Yes!


Go to your home page and find the video that you published as BASIC or PRO, click "Manage" next to the video preview, and in the following page select "Delete Video".
The "Delete Video" command will remove the video from the public channel and make the SlideTalk editable again. At this point you just go to the corresponding edit page and now you can select to publish the video again as DOWNLOAD.

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