Sunday, January 3, 2016

How to split PowerPoint animations into different slides

SlideTalk does not support PowerPoint animations, but do not despair. Most animations (for instance when different part of a slide appear one at the time) can easily be reproduced by splitting a slide into several slides.

This operation can be done manually or you can use this simple, neat, free tool called PPSpliT:

PPspliT image

PPspliT adds a new menu item in the PowerPoint ribbon that simply split slides with animations into separate slides. It works beautifully. We tested it with the latest version of PowerPoint 2016 and it still works awesome and flawless. Try it out yourself.

Here is the download link for PPspliT:


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  2. I downloaded the add-in, but it doesn't show up as a "tab" in my PPT ribbon (PPT 2013) - any suggestions to get it to show up? Thanks

  3. Hello Devin, I am not really sure, i got it to work without any issue. Maybe you can contact the author of the plug-in to see if he has any tips.

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