Sunday, October 9, 2016

Create video presentation online easily and quickly

Videos are very efficient. A 60-seconds video not only can convey as much information as a long article but by combining visual and auditive stimuli be much more efficient and easy to understand than an article.

However creating videos used to be a complicated, demanding and often expensive task. Particularly the voice over recording can be very demanding and time-consuming, or expensive when using a professional service. Voice over is also very static and difficult to change, basically you need to redo all the voice over recording each time you make a little change in the script.

The SlideTalk service provides a solution by making creation of a video as easy as editing text:

  1. import a collection of images
  2. type a text next to each image
  3. choose a voice and a background music 
  4. choose your publishing option

And your video is on its way, ready to be shared as you prefer.

And if you need to change the script, just go back to edit text and republish the video.

Test slidetalk today at!

And by the way, you can create and edit your SlideTalk videos also on your mobile or tablet!