Friday, March 8, 2013

SlideTalk service now open for business

The beta phase of the SlideTalk service is now concluded and the service now offers PLUS and BUSINESS subscriptions, beside the free access.

BUSINESS accounts are for professionals that want to have complete control over the produced videos. SlideTalk videos produced by BUSINESS customers will be available for downlaod and not published on the public slidetalknet channel on YouTube. After downloading their SlideTalk videos, BUSINESS users will be able to publish them on their private YouTube channels, intranetvimeo or any other media of their choice, or use the videos for offline presentations..

PLUS accounts are for individuals and organizations that need to produce SlideTalk videos but they want to keep things simple and are not interested in controlling the video. The SlideTalk videos published by PLUS users are then automatically published on the slidetalknet channel on YouTube.

Users only wanting to create one or few SlideTalks above the ones available in the free subscription level, should consider purchasing a monthly subscription and then cancelling the subscription before the renewal date. In this way they will have 30 days to create their SlideTalk videos at a quite moderate expense.

Please watch the price list on the website to compare the subscription levels.

Here below is a tutorial on how to subscribe to SlideTalk:

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