Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Make your PowerPoints smile with our new German voice

Today we added a new voice to the SlideTalk portfolio. A German voice called "Claudia Smile". The voice is the as the voice "Claudia", just that this time the voice was intended to sound more relaxed and casual, as if smiling when speaking.

Claudia Smile will help you convert from powerpoint to video with a smiling and relaxed German voice over, to read your text and comment your slides.

Test it here:

The Claudia Smile voice is ideal to make marketing videos from powerpoint, but it can be used for learning and educational videos too.

Willkommen, Claudia Smile

Claudia Smile is part of the text-to-speech portfolio of our partner Acapela Group.

1 comment:

  1. I normally do my voice overs myself, however, i might still give a shot to Claudia! Thanks for sharing this post. I'll also spread a word among my friends.