SlideTalk FAQ

Q: What is a slidetalk video?

A slidetalk video is a video made by playing a Powerpoint file or a sequence of still pictures (slides) each with a description that is read out aloud by a text-to-speech engine. Slidetalk videos are a great way to publish and share your presentations including your own comment to the slides, but without the hassle of needing to speak the comments yourself into a microphone or hire a voice talent.
Here is an example of slidetalk video, illustrating the slidetalk concept.

Q: How do I create an account for SlideTalk?

To create an account for SlideTalk all you need is to have a login for facebook, google, yahoo or windows live.
Click on "Log in" in the top right corner, choose the service you want to use to login and that's it!
You are ready to create SlideTalk videos.Please note that we will not post any news or update on your account in any of these services, neither we will collect any information from these services beside your email address, which we use to send you status information about the SlideTalk videos you are working on.

Q: How do I create a slidetalk?

Once logged-in click on "Create" and follow the instruction on screen.
Watch this slidetalk to learn how to create and share a slidetalk video.

Q: Is slidetalk for free?

When you open an account you get 15 credits for free. Each time you produce a Video from a SlideTalk you are charged an amount of credit depending on the publishing option chosen (see price list for more details). You can refill your account with more credits at any time.

Q: Can I import a complete PowerPoint file?

Yes, when you create a SlideTalk you can choose whether to add slides (pictures) one at the time, or add a complete PowerPoint file (ppt or pptx files). See the tutorial here above for more information.

Q: After importing a PowerPoint file, the fonts look different, what can I do?

If you use specific non-standard fonts, you might see that these fonts are substituted by other fonts when the powerpoint is imported. Should you need to keep the exact layout in your PowerPoint file, then you should save your powerpoint file as graphic file (PNG or JPG). This would create a set of images (one for each slide) that can be imported into SlideTalk one by one, keeping the original layout intact.

Q: The animations on my PowerPoint seems to be lost in the importing?

Animations are not kept by SlideTalk, only slides are imported. If you have in-slide animations that you want to split in different slides, please read this blog post for tips on how to split animations in a convenient manner.

Q: Is there any limitation on the size of text for each slide?

You can have up to 1000 characters for each slide.
If you need a longer text on one image, you can import the same image twice and type the rest of the text on the second image.
However we recommend to have short text for each slide, to have a more dynamic result.

Q: I am not finished yet with my SlideTalk, how do I save my work?

You don’t need to, the work is saved automatically. You can close the slidetalk page at any time, the next time that you login you will be ready to start from where you left.

Q: How do I share a slidetalk on Facebook, Twitter and other social medias?

For Basic videos, you can share the video by sharing the video page on the SlideTalk website.
For Pro videos you can share the video by either sharing the video page on the SlideTalk website or use the share function on the YouTube video page.
For Download videos, you can share the video via any channel after download.

Q: What format do you provide for Download videos?

The videos published with the Download option are delivered as MP4 files. To download your video you need to login and then right-click on the "View" link to save the video locally on your device.

Q: What is the difference between Basic and Pro publishing options?

The videos published as Basic can only be shared via the video page on the SlideTalk website. You simply to link to the video page in order to share the video, or use the social buttons on the page. The videos published as Pro are also published on YouTube, meaning that you can share them via the video page on the SlideTalk website, or directly from YouTube.

Q: Can I edit a slidetalk video after publishing?

No, after a slidetalk has been published you cannot change it. However you can clone a slidetalk to create a new version that can be edited and published. To clone a slidetalk, click "manage" near the slidetalk that you want to clone from your home page, and click on the “Clone” button.
For Basic and PRO publishing option you can also edit the video title, description and keywords by selecting "manage" near the slidetalk and then edit the corresponding fields.

Q: Can I edit the title or description of a slidetalk video after publishing?

Yes. Click "manage" next to the slidetalk in your homepage, and then edit the Title, description and tags and then click "Update Settings". The online video information will be immediately updated.

Q: Can I delete a slidetalk after publishing?

Click "manage" next to the slidetalk in your homepage and then use the "Delete published video" button. The video will be removed and the slidetalk will return in editable state.

Q: When I import a huge file (PowerPoint or image), the website seems stuck

Depending on your internet connection, it may take long time to upload a very huge file. Please check the status bar of you browser to see the progress of your upload, as in the following picture:

Q: Which image formats do you recommend?

We support all main image formats. SlideTalk does its best to make pictures of different size and proportions to look good in the slidetalk video, but it does help if you have pictures that are consistent.
Since YouTube uses a 16:9 image format, it is recommended that you also use 16:9 images, to avoid black frames around your videos.

Q: Images appear stretched in the Edit and Preview pages

In some browser, like for instance Internet Explorer and some older version of Android Browsers, images may appear stretched in some of the pages. However once the video is created the images will look correct and with the correct image ratio.

Q: Can I import my PowerPoint as a collection of slides?

Yes, open your presentation in PowerPoint, choose "save as", and select PNG or JPG as output format. When asked if you want to export all slides as images, answer "yes". 
PowerPoint will create a folder on your computer where all your slides are saved as images. At this point you can import all the slides into SlideTalk by using the "Upload Slides and Images" feature, and then continue as usual. 

Q: How many languages and voices are available?

SlideTalk offers more than 20 languages and 70 voices. New voices are added regularly.
The current list of available voices is available in the Create page.

Q: Can I switch voice or change and control the speech in some way?

Yes. We have a dedicated page called Edit Tips with a set of tips on how to switch voice, change the speed, add silence and many more tips. You can find the Edit Tips page here.


  1. My Youtube account is partnership with AdSense account. How can I publish slide Talk video in Youtube to earn from AdSense account?

    1. then you need to use the DOWNLOAD publish option. Using this option you will be able to download an MP4 video file ready to be uploaded on your YouTube channel.

  2. Is Using your voices license free? If we make a video with your audio will it not be a copyright infringement?

    1. The videos produced by slidetalk are free of rights. But you are not allowed to separate the voice from the video to reuse it in a different context. If you only need the voice please visit